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Is it mandatory to have Wsib in ontario? Form: What You Should Know

Please be aware: If you are registered with the OSHA as an employer, you are still required to be a registered employee with the ESIB to comply with the OSHA regulations. For more information, please click here or contact the ESIB at , or (toll-free inside Ontario).

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FAQ - Is it mandatory to have Wsib in ontario?

Is it mandatory to fill out the guardianu2019s details in the JEE Mains form?
Details in application form with # are mandatory to fill. It is mandatory to fill the guardian`s details in JEE Mains form. Students must read all the instruction before filling the form and they can see main details at https://goo.gl/tG9rzB
In Ontario, why is it mandatory to have a daytime running lamp (DRL) on your car but it's not mandatory to actually have them working?
DRL are federally mandated, not provincially. Auto manufacturers had to implement them to meet federal safety requirements, along with third (or high mount) brake lights.Generally the people that disable them think their car looks better without them on. They simply refuse to believe they make any difference. Oddly enough they do seem to agree with bikes needing headlights on all the time. Bikes made for USA and Canada do not even have provisions for turning the headlight off.
Is it mandatory to fill out the surname for applying a passport in India when I don't have a surname on any of my IDs?
No it is not. Unless it is their on the birth certificate and other evidence you submit.
Is it mandatory to fill out community or caste information in school admission forms in India?
Please visit Home or JatiMuktBharat.blogspot.com to know more about this issue.
Is it mandatory to fill out sleep while dropping a cheque in an ICICI cheque dropping box?
When a cheque is dropped in ICICI drop box for clearing there is no need to fill up the pay in slip,since it may not available there.Donu2019t forget to write the account number and mobile number on the back side of the cheque.
What should one fill in the last name column (mandatory) if he/she doesn't have one?
One should not assume that everyone has a surname!In my line of work, I have many clients (and not necessarily persons from non-European cultures) who do not have one, for historical reasons, or because of the way their birth certificates were issued. It is in fact incorrect to assume the surname of your parent / family / clan etc. without legally changing it, because you would be using a false name.Here is what I usually do in these cases:If the application is for something other than a legal document (like tickets), I write u2018Unknownu2023 or N/A (if the field allows the u201c/u201d character). Then I tell my client to carry at least a photocopy of the document showing no surname, to confirm it at the entrance / when picking up the ticket etc. Sometimes, someone calls back to confirm the situation and you can scan the document,If the application is in writing, or for a legal document, I leave the field blank and inquire when depositing it, with the person in charge, what their policy is. Usually they take it like that, and report to their superior.All in all, itu2019s not an easy life without a surname. Therefore, my advice is to follow the local administrative name change procedure (which usually happens at the local court or town hall), or change your name through Deed Poll if available in your country (like the UK), by choosing a surname for yourself.One well known example of a person who had no surname, and went through the administrative procedure, because of the bafflement of international contacts, is Dr Abdullah Abdullah, the Prime Minister of Afghanistan. He simply doubled his given name.
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