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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How long does it take to get wsib payment

Instructions and Help about How long does it take to get wsib payment

If you've been hurt at work this message is about a series of steps which can make all the difference between you're receiving the benefits you deserve or being taken advantage of by the workers compensation insurance carrier there are four very important steps to take when you've been injured at work the first step is to treat if you've been hurt seriously the first priority is to immediately seek medical assistance from the hospital emergency room or from a physician don't downplay any injury as well nothing serious things do change today's sore back and turn out to be tomorrow's ruptured discs the second step is report when you've been injured at work reporting the accident with your employer is extremely important and must take place quickly sit with your manager or a human relations person and report to them exactly what happened the third step is filed people who have been injured at work tend to relax after reporting the injury to their employer and talking with the insurance company's representative you need to follow up and make certain that the reports get filed quickly and promptly and forth and the final step is recover you will be responsible for your recovery consequently you must follow the directions of the doctor nurse or insurance company's representative to the letter failure to stick to the plan of recovery can result in the loss of some of your benefits or possibly your entire claim know your PA workers compensation rights the PA Workers Compensation Act guarantees you certain rights when you've been injured at work they are you have the right to file a claim for compensation you have the right to see a physician you have the right to return to work only when able you have a right to appeal if your case is denied you also have the right to seek help from an attorney here's how take advantage of free legal help some attorneys advertise that there is no charge for the evaluation of your case some even say something like there's no fee unless we win or settle your claim but they may not be saying is that you could respect be responsible for the costs involved in your case an attorney will often have to pay to get your records from a doctor there also may be costs associated with reports from the doctor depositions and transcripts regarding your claim these costs can run as high as three thousand to five thousand dollars you could be billed for those total costs how do you recover that money the workers compensation judge will determine how your costs will be reimbursed but that happens only if you win your case have P a workers comp help now I will pay for all your costs associated with your case if I win your case I recover the money when the judge orders the insurance company to pay the litigation costs if I lose your case that.

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