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Instructions and Help about Wsib contact

Today I want to talk about when the system works how it really works as you know I've had my beef with WSIB the gist of it is I was one of the people that fell through the cracks they sent me to this awesome rehab facility for an assessment and the assessment was a joke and it was all contradictory or whatever and they just before I was even anywhere near ready just close my file I've sent me back to work and I was just awful like in bad shape and my poorer employers tolerate my and it was just it was hard it was hard on everybody and especially on me and I fell through the cracks and in that I had kind of a meltdown and I was offered a chance to take a layoff and at that point WSIB jumped back on board and realized okay you know what we missed something and my case was reopened and ever since then it's been better and I lost so much money like there was five weeks I didn't get any payments but I couldn't go back to work because they have two didn't even have time to get a place for me to go you know so because I was too unwell to go back to the old my own location they had to find me a place to go so there's all these delays and you know this was I got hurt December 2022 I went back to work November 2022 and I just got my check yesterday for the time that I wasn't working so it's taken me this long to get stuff so for those of you that are battling with WSM be my advice would be to you know and and people said this to me it's gonna take two years before things start to get resolved and at the time I thought I can't do this for two years but it actually does fly behind and when things start to get moving again and a lot of that like I blame WSIB but my doctors were in pushing hard either and because what happens is that lawyers or whatever will tell you to just go back to work and you're gonna crash and fall and that's exactly what happened and not fall but I had a crash and burn situation for sure and everything kind of got reopened again and sometimes you have to go through that but here's the thing that's ironic so I went through all that stuff and then just as it was looking like maybe I can't work at all I started getting better and I couldn't wrote it probably but it was like you know what no I'm feeling better and I don't want to be on the same salary for the rest of my life and you know I'm not even 40 and already living like an old lady like I need to come.

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