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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Wsib claim status online

Instructions and Help about Wsib claim status online

No one gets up in the morning expecting to face a life-changing injury on the job but it happens every day in this province and when it does it can mean a very long road to recovery before getting back on the job joining us now to share his story Miguel beretta a skilled industrial worker sidelines two years ago with an ankle injury and Miguel we welcome you here to TV oh thank you just tell us for starters what kind of work were you doing I was an LP so I was organizing I and they were in the workhouse all the items what they call it logistic processor logistics process yeah okay good and how did you injure yourself because I was also a forklift forklift trainer yeah I I went outside to grab a truck to help somebody else and when I come out of the truck I twist my ankle and I brought my ankle you broke your ankle yes that was my first thing jury how long ago did that happen that was in 2022 excruciating totally is they put me a cask but I I went back to work because it was my leg no my brain anyways so I went back to work and i stiii keep working and till 2022 i have another injury i they put me in another department take a cable department there are very big cables there are about 22 pairs in there of cable and you have to carry and on your shoulder to put it through the machine and what happened when i when one day when i went to the locker i put my my tool belt on the on the on my locker and I heard cracking my my shoulder and that when everything started all the nightmares sir I couldn't move my yarn and they happen was there a separated shoulder what no it was a frozen shoulder it was broken a little bit and he was frozen I tendinitis and bursitis which is like a crystals created and under your shoulders and you don't allow you to move your arms and voice so let's go back to the first injury after you broke the ankle did you file a claim with the workplace yeah but because they went back to work the same week so there was no compensation no he went right back to work yes yes because idea mind to work when if I even injured but I don't mind to work but the problem started after they sent me back to work after my shoulder was broken they sent me back to work after even two weeks two weeks later okay yeah even the doctors say be careful with the left arm because he's gonna overuse it nobody listened to that and two months later I have frozen shoulder and my left jaw so you got both shoulders in trouble now yes really doctors and WSIB declared.


Can you be on WSIB for life?
Permanent disability supplement additional amount benefit If you are receiving it at age 65, you will continue to receive it for life.
What happens when you make a WSIB claim?
The WSIB may pay your health care provider directly for services. A health care provider cannot require you to pay for any services because of your work-related injury or illness. Even if your claim is not for a psychological condition, we may pay for psychological treatment to support your recovery and return to work.
When should you file a WSIB claim?
In order to receive WSIB benefits, you must file a claim as soon as possible, and no later than six months from the date of your accident. If you have an occupational disease, the six months runs from the date you discover you have the disease and that it is work-related.
What qualifies as a WSIB claim?
You have a work-related injury or illness; You or your employer report your injury or illness to us and your claim is allowed; You provide us with the information we need to make decisions about your benefits; and. You agree to share information about your functional abilities with us and your employer.
How do I file a WSIB claim in Ontario?
1-800-387-0750, Monday to Friday 7.30 a.m. to 7.45 p.m....Report an injury or illness Injury or illness reporting. Functional abilities form. Tax statements for people with workplace injuries or illnesses.
What happens after 2 years WSIB?
The injury employer is obligated to re-employ the worker until the earliest of. two years from the date of injury. one year after the worker is medically able to perform the essential duties of their pre-injury work, or. the date on which the worker reaches 65 years of age.
Can you collect WSIB after the age of 65?
No, LRI funds cannot be released to you before you turn 65. LRI benefits are a workers' compensation benefit and are subject to the Workers' Compensation Act and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, which state that the benefit is payable once a worker turns 65 years of age or upon death.
How much does WSIB pay in Ontario?
The WSIB Maximum Insurable Earnings Ceiling for 2022 is $95,400, compared to $92,600 in 2022. Changes to the Maximum Insurable Earnings Ceiling are directly linked to changes in average earnings in Ontario as measured by Statistics Canada, and provisions under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act.
How long can you collect WSIB in Ontario?
You'll get a loss-of-earnings benefit payment every two weeks. If your loss-of-earnings is ongoing, we'll review your benefit every year until you have received it for six years (72 months). After six years, we'll review your claim and in most cases, we'll make it permanent.
Does WSIB pay your full wage?
Full LOE benefits are 85% of your net average earnings (NAE) before your injury. WSIB also pays partial LOE benefits that may be any part of the full benefits.
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